I have chit chatted with several of you since the holidays and it's so nice to meet you i am so glad you joined my challenge means so much to me and I appreciate a love each and every one of you and today the one thing we're going to do since I've been out for so long is we're going  Le Fior Cream to do a spring haul that I have for you and we're going to talk just a little bit I wanted to tell you first of all the reason I was on so many meds I guess you can see I'm not wearing my vices right uh-huh I was having an awful lot of trouble with my eyes as you well know so finally I visited my opthamologist they ran a bunch of tests and I had cataracts in each eye yes girls that's what old age does to you you all know I'm about what years old and it's time for everything start breaking down a little bit so I had to have the cataract removed from my left eye first and then my rug I needless say i am wearing my contacts again and i consider now i'm not saying that.

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